Medical Marijuana Statewide Survey of 700 Registered Voters in New Jersey

The Polling Company, Inc.

the polling company™, inc./WomanTrend is pleased to present to Drug Policy Alliance New Jersey this analysis of findings from a recent statewide telephone survey of 700 registered voters in New Jersey.

Interviews were conducted over three consecutive nights at a Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) facility by telephone and with live callers. Respondents were randomly selected from a list of registered voters residing in New Jersey.

The survey was fielded May 23-25, 2006. The original instrument contained 24 questions, including 16 demographic inquiries, and was approved by an authorized representative of Drug Policy Alliance New Jersey prior to commencement of data collection.

The margin of error for the survey is + 3.7% at a 95% confidence interval, meaning that the data obtained would not differ by any more than 3.7 percentage points in either direction had the entire population of registered voters in New Jersey been surveyed. Margins of error for subgroups are higher.

Drug Policy Alliance
New Jersey