North American Syringe Exchange Network

NASEN is a national network of syringe exchange programs (SEPs), those who support them, and the people they serve. NASEN has a three-fold mission; support SEPs through technical and financial assistance programs, expand and support the network of individuals and organizations interested in syringe exchange as an effective public health intervention, and disseminate information related to syringe exchange and disease prevention. NASEN’s purpose is to ensure that drug users have access to the quality disease prevention and health care services that other citizens of our society enjoy. Our goal is to reduce and eventually eliminate epidemic levels of the transmission of HIV, HCV and other blood borne diseases among drug users, their partners, family, friends and others in their community. We seek the equitable inclusion of drug users and sex workers in the healthcare system and fair treatment of these individuals by society at large. We support unrestricted access to the tools and information these populations need to make healthy choices. NASEN is a non-profit organization. All services are provided to SEPs free of charge.

Syringe Access