Otto Perez Calls for the Breaking of the “Taboo” and for the Analysis of Decriminalization

English Translation

The president said that with his proposal, he wanted to open a debate that would allow Central America to find alternatives, because the strategy against drug trafficking must be “regional.”

Perez Molina called for the breaking of taboos and for the analysis of drug decriminalization to confront the violence of drug trafficking, during a Central American summit marked by the absence of three of the six presidents of the region.

“We have realized that the strategies that we have followed in the fight against drug trafficking in the past 40 years have practically (…) failed. We have to search for new alternatives,” said Perez during his inauguration of the meeting at a hotel in Antigua Guatemala.

The Guatemalan leader asked to open the debate to consider “from the continuation of the war against drug trafficking to the decriminalization of drugs.”

“We have to leave aside the myths, leave aside the taboos, and say that we have to discuss it, talk about it, debate it, and this is the call that I wanted to make” said Perez in front of the presidents of Costa Rica and Panama and representatives from El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua.

The meeting was convened by Perez to discuss new forms to combat drug trafficking in the face of the war imposed by the US that costs thousands of lives in the region. Central America wishes to bring a united voice on its security crisis to the Summit of the Americas, and Perez asked that decriminalization be included in the agenda.

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El Periodico, Guatemala
Drug Trafficking in Latin America