Perez Proposes 4 Ways to Fight Drug Trafficking

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The summit to debate decriminalization of drugs was inaugurated at 2 pm this Saturday by President Otto Perez Molina, who called for alternatives in the fight against drug trafficking.

During his presentation, Perez Molina explained that Guatemala has put four proposals on the table for the combating of the transit of drugs: the creation of a common fund for the combating of drugs; that the US pays have of the drug seizures; the creation of a Regional Criminal Court; and decriminalization.

Perez recounted the seizure successes in the country and the cost that this carries for the countries and said that although the final step is decriminalization, “I recognize that the discussion will take time and that it will still cost some lives.” But they are only ideas, said the president, who assured that it will not be a decision taken today, but a long term decision.

The formal ceremony began with the Honduran Vice-President Samuel Reyes, the country that has the temporary presidency of SICA. The Honduran official only referred to the hand of God in the issue and gave the floor to the president of Guatemala.

Perez Molina began the activity saying that “it is a meeting that has as its central point, the discussion of the issue of Central American security in the search for peace and within this, focusing on the issue of organized crime and more than this are alternatives for the fight against drug trafficking.”

According to the Guatemalan leader, “the strategy that we have had in the fight against drug trafficking in the past 40 years has practically failed and we have to face it.” He concluded that the fight against drug trafficking must be regional and cannot be from an individual country.

The press did not have access to the discussion but it was aired on the government’s webpage. The only presidents were from Panama and Costa Rica, the rest sent delegates.

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