Reconsidering Addiction and Addiction Treatment: A Talk with Dr. Stanton Peele and DPA's asha bandele

In the third installment of a series of discussions presented by the Drug Policy Alliance’s Movement Building Team, DPA’s asha bandele interviewed Dr. Stanton Peele, author and pioneer in the study of addiction. During the conversation, Dr. Peele discussed the differences between problematic drug use and addiction, realistic treatment options, and the relationship between addiction, stigma and drug policy reform. The call also featured robust listener participation. Dr. Peele fielded questions from colleagues in the treatment field, from advocates inspired by his writing, and from grieving parents who had lost children to overdose. As represented by this conversation, there is no one experience of or answer to addiction, but as Dr. Peele said, we can unify around one message: we cannot have a drug policy reform conversation without first addressing underlying assumptions about drugs and addiction.

Listen to the talk. (Or right-click to download.)