Report of the Global Commission on Drug Policy

Global Commission on Drug Policy

The Global Commission, whose members include Kofi Annan and four former presidents, calls the drug war a failure and advocates a paradigm shift in global drug policy. The commission's bold recommendations include encouraging governments to experiment with legalization of drugs, particularly marijuana; putting an end to drug policies being driven by ideology and politics; and directing resources away from arresting and incarcerating so many people for drug law violations.

Reducing the Harms of Marijuana Prohibition
Supply and Demand
Distorted Financial Incentives for Enforcement
Wasted Tax Dollars
Strengthening Families
Marijuana Legalization and Regulation
Drug Replacement and Maintenance Therapy
Syringe Access
Drug Overdose
Mass Criminalization
Drug Law Convictions and Punishments
Zero Tolerance Drug Policies
Supervised Injection Facilities
Discrimination Against Drug Users
Drug Treatment
Drug Prohibition and Violence
Real Drug Education