Rethinking the Drug War in Central America and Mexico

U.S. drug policies in Mexico and Central America, focused on militarized counter-narcotics efforts known as the war on drugs, have had severely negative effects on the region. This report analyzes the effects in four areas – militarization, drug policy, violence against women, and forced migration – and examines the impact on three countries: Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras. This report was produced by the Mesoamerican Working Group, a network of independent, non-governmental organizations that share diverse and longstanding partnerships with national, regional and local groups throughout Mesoamerica. The working group’s member organizations are the Drug Policy Alliance, Guatemala Human Rights Commission-USA, Rights Action, JASS (Just Associates), Center for Economic and Policy Research, CIP American Program, Fellowship of Reconciliation, Witness for Peace, Global Exchange, School of the Americas Watch, and Sisters of Mercy of the Americas-Justice Team.

Drug Prohibition and Violence
Wasted Tax Dollars
Distorted Financial Incentives for Enforcement
Supply and Demand
Drug Trafficking in Latin America