Roundtables, conferences, debates, seminars: all Uruguayans are called to debate, reflect and make proposals during 90 days about what to do with marijuana.

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“We are, in a way, putting in motion what was agreed upon last week by the OAS, which will be meeting next July in the General Assembly to discuss the issue of drugs in the continent," said the President of the National Drugs Board.

Julio Calzada explained that each Departmental Drug Board in the 19 departments (states) will convene to discuss the feasibility of carrying out the plans devised by the government on the subject, for which the participation of international experts was invited.

"We hope to have a greater social consensus for this initiative, which we will implement starting in April," Calzada said in remarks recorded by the newspaper La República.

For 90 days in the 19 departments

Within exactly one month and continuing into July, all departments will hold panel discussions, lectures, debates, seminars and other social events about cannabis, its use, addiction and other issues related to the “prohibited” plant.

In this way, President Mujica’s initiative will be fleshed out, so that the issue is deeply analyzed at the level of the whole society, before sending the initiative that seeks to curb drug trafficking to the national parliament.

At the level of legislators, upon resuming their parliamentary work, the bill returns to the table: the last action on the bill was when the House of Deputies sent the document back to the [National Drugs] Board, and it awaits the consolidation of public debate surrounding the initiative, which originated from the Executive.

"Everything will be heavily regulated by the state, under a new plan to fight drug abuse," said Calzada, who announced that home-cultivation has also become one of the hot topics. In principle those over 18 years would be eligible to have up to six plants on their property for their personal consumption, but the state will regulate to ensure that there are no excess plants, and homeowners will authorize the authorities to enter their homes to verify compliance with the regulations.

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