Uruguay Recommends Eating or Inhaling Marijuana

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Campaign seeks to raise awareness on the harms of the drug

Uruguay will ask marijuana consumers to eat or inhale the substance instead of smoking it in order to at least reduce the harms that it causes and to foment responsible use of drugs.

The secretary general of the Junta Nacional de Drogas, Julio Calzada, explained that the government’s idea – which has launched a plan to legalize the sale and purchase of marijuana to combat drug trafficking – is to have a public health campaign which, just as with alcohol and tobacco, warns of the risks of the drug and offers guidelines to minimize their harms.

He also said that the cannabis is not innocuous and presents health risks that must be made known in order to avoid them in consumers.

Calzada said that “the state does not recommend consuming substances that are harmful but it does want to inform about the least dangerous and risky ways to consume them.”

In this sense, he said that smoking marijuana generates health dangers similar to the consumption of tobacco, which harms the lungs, and therefore suggests oral or inhaled consumption, to avoid these problems.

The campaign will be focused on giving information that those that consume it through burning it face enormous risks for the respiratory system. In this way, the government wants people to take informed decisions.

The campaign will also particularly highlight the enormous danger that cannabis consumption poses to children and adolescents.

Since mid-year last year, Uruguay has been debating a bill promoted by the government to legalize marijuana and to make the state the only body in charge of its production and sale.

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