How does your state measure up when it comes to establishing policies that reduce the harms of both drug use and drug prohibition?

Harm Reduction

Does the state permit access to clean syringes for people who inject drugs?

  • YES

Does the state have naloxone training & distribution programs available to the public at syringe exchange programs or other facilities?

  • YES

Does the state have a 911 Good Samaritan law?

  • YES

Does the state have legal methadone access?

  • YES


Are marijuana possession and use legal for medical purposes?

  • YES

Is there a government-regulated distribution system for medical marijuana?

  • YES

More information on medical marijuana:

What are the criminal penalties for marijuana possession?

Criminal Justice

How many people are arrested for a drug offense each year? 

  • 1,339

What are the racial disparities in arrest rates?

  • Total population (2011): white: 95.4%, black: 1.6%.
    Drug arrests (2011): 92.5% white, 7.1% black.

What happens to people’s voting rights when they become part of the criminal justice system?

  • No disenfranchisement for people with criminal convictions.

Vermont Governor Calls for Legalizing Marijuana in State of the State Address

Gov. Shumlin Declares Drug War a Failure and Calls for Expanded Overdose Prevention and Treatment Access

Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin called on lawmakers to pass legislation legalizing and regulating marijuana in his final State of the State address today. He also declared the drug war a failure and expressed desire to continue emphasizing a health-based approach to drug policy by expanding treatment and overdose prevention programs, as well as by removing the stigma associated with drug use and addiction.


Tony Newman 646-335-5384
Bill Piper 202-669-6430

Vermont Bills to Help Prevent Overdose Deaths Signed Into Law

New Law Encourages Calling 911 in the Event of an Overdose By Providing Immunity for Drug and Alcohol Offenses When Medical Assistance is Sought

Family Members and Friends Can Now Receive Prescription for Life-Saving Drug Naloxone To Administer to Opioid Overdose Victims

Today, two critical Vermont bills aimed at preventing overdose deaths were signed into law.

Contact: Tony Newman 646-335-5384 or Lindsay LaSalle 510-229-5211

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