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Revenue Up, Crime Down: Marijuana Legalization in Colorado and Washington

September 29, 2014

This fact sheet looks at the numbers post-marijuana legalization in Colorado and Washington.

Alejarse de las cortes de drogas: Hacia un acercamiento al uso de drogas con enfoque en la salud

August 8, 2014

Las cortes de drogas se han expandido a lo largo de Estados Unidos y a varios otros países, aunque las investigaciones disponibles no respaldan que eso continúe. La mayoría de las cortes de drogas no reducen el encarcelamiento, no ahorran dinero, no mejoran la seguridad pública, y fracasan en ayudar a quienes están luchando con problemas de drogadicción.

The Criminalization of Prescription Drug Use in the United States

July 25, 2014

DPA opposes efforts to criminalize and incarcerate people simply for using or possessing prescription drugs for non-medical purposes. Instead, we recommend policies that deal with prescription drug use and misuse from a health-oriented perspective.

10 Facts About Marijuana

July 25, 2014
Drug Policy Alliance

These are ten top facts about marijuana policy and effects, with detailed supporting information and citations.

D.C.'s Marijuana Decriminalization Law: What You Need to Know

July 17, 2014

On Thursday, July 17, 2014, the “Marijuana Possession Decriminalization Amendment Act of 2014 (D.C. Act 20-305)” took effect in the District of Columbia, and makes possession of marijuana punishable by a $25 fine instead of jail time. This new law is expected to enhance civil rights in the District of Columbia by reducing racial disparities in arrest rates for marijuana possession.

Labeling Requirements for Marijuana Products in Colorado

July 3, 2014

Since retail sales of marijuana and marijuana-infused products began in Colorado in 2014, efforts to ensure the safety and encourage the safe consumption of these products have been ongoing. Colorado law requires that each package or container of retail marijuana, retail marijuana product, and retail marijuana concentrate include necessary and relevant information for consumers, does not include health and physical benefits claims, is easily accessible to consumers, and is clear and noticeable.

Marijuana-Infused Products ("Edibles")

June 10, 2014

Marijuana-infused products, often referred to as “edibles”, are an important part of the burgeoning marijuana market. However, proper regulation is necessary to ensure reliability and safety. DPA believes that marijuana-infused products should be regulated and tested to ensure safety, quality and accuracy of information, that they should be labeled with detailed information to ensure that consumers are informed about what they are consuming and educated on how to safely consume, and that all edibles should be kept away from children.

Moving Away from Drug Courts: Toward a Health-Centered Approach to Drug Use

May 27, 2014

Drug courts have spread across the country, yet available research does not support their continued expansion. Most drug courts do not reduce imprisonment, do not save money or improve public safety, and fail to help those struggling with drug problems. The drug court model must be corrected to play a more effective role in improving the wellbeing of people involved in the criminal justice system who suffer substance misuse problems – while preserving scarce public safety resources.

La guerra contra las drogas y la deportación masiva

May 22, 2014

La guerra contra las drogas se ha convertido en una guerra contra las comunidades migrantes. Alimenta la discriminación racial, la militarización de la frontera, la violencia contra los migrantes, la intrusión del gobierno, y – especialmente – las detenciones y deportaciones generalizadas.

Marijuana Legalization in Uruguay

May 22, 2014

In December 2013, Uruguay became the first country in the world to fully legalize the production, sale and consumption of marijuana for personal use. This document is a summary of the key provisions of the law.

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