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Gov. Slashes Prop. 36 Funds Deeper: $25m Less Than

Plan Would Also Add Cost Burden To Counties, Requiring Matching Funds

SACRAMENTO, January 10 -- Today's budget proposal by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger recommends a deep funding cut for California's landmark, voter-approved treatment-instead-of-jail program, Proposition 36. The Drug Policy Alliance sharply criticized the proposal, saying the governor's budget would undermine the success of the cost-effective program and shift more costs to already cash-strapped counties.

Margaret Dooley, Prop.

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Successful, Voter-Approved Proposition 36 Treatment-Instead-of-Incarceration Program Abandoned by Sacramento

Treatment System Annihilated, Incarceration Spending Increased

SACRAMENTO -- Today the Senate Budget Committee followed the Assembly Budget Committee's lead and appeared ready to endorse the Governor's plan to eliminate funding for Proposition 36, the state's landmark, ten-year-old, voter-approved law that offers treatment instead of incarceration for a low-level drug possession violation. In contrast, the governor's revised budget proposal includes an increase in corrections spending.

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San Francisco Board of Supervisors Vote Overwhelmingly to Deprioritize Adult Marijuana Offenses; Now Officially Lowest Law Enforcement Priority

Measure Supported by SF Police and Drug Policy Reform Advocates
SF Joins Seattle, Denver, Oakland, West Hollywood and More in Passing Measures that Free Police From Wasting Scarce Resources

On Tuesday, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted 8-3, to approve an ordinance deprioritizing low-level marijuana offenses by adults. The decision is pending the formality of a second reading next Tuesday.

With Tuesday's approval, San Francisco has sent a clear message that our country's marijuana laws are ripe for real reform. The county is not the first to pass such a measure.

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California's Medical Marijuana Laws Get Nod From Court

Ruling Would Deny Counties

San Diego--Medical marijuana patients around the country scored a major win today, as a California Superior Court judge issued a preliminary ruling that state medical marijuana laws can co-exist with the federal law that prohibits all use.

Following oral arguments by the American Civil Liberties Union, Americans for Safe Access and the Drug Policy Alliance, as well as the California Attorney General's office, a San Diego Superior Court judge appeared poised to reject the contention of three California counties -- San Diego, San Bernardino and Merced -- that the state's medical mari

US Prison, Parole and Probation Population Skyrockets; 1 in 32 Adults Incarcerated or Court Supervised, Department of Justice Report Shows

Drug Offenses Account for Prison Population Boom
Incarcerating Nonviolent Drug Offenders Wastes Billions of Dollars; Destroys Lives

A record 7 million people - 1 in 32 American adults - were behind bars, probation or parole by the end of last year, according to a report released today by the Justice Department.

Drug law violations play a disproportionate role.

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Federal Appeals Court Slaps Ashcroft for Violating Constitution in Medical Marijuana Raids

Court Nixes Federal Police Jurisdiction Because No Interstate Commerce Involved in Patient

In a landmark ruling yesterday, a federal court in California affirmed the right of sick patients to grow and use marijuana to treat their illnesses. The U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in a 2-1 decision that so long as patients do not pay for the drug, they cannot be prosecuted by the federal government.

"After this case, patients can collectively breathe a sigh of relief" said Judy Appel, The Drug Policy Alliance's Deputy Director of Legal Affairs.

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Prop. 36 'Realignment' Deferred, Probably Dead As a Concept

Gov. Davis Drops Proposal to Shift Prop. 36 to Counties Amid Legal Hurdles, Opposition by Legislators and Initiative Sponsors

SACRAMENTO, May 14 - Gov. Gray Davis effectively conceded defeat today in his effort to force "realignment" of Prop. 36 funds and programs, with his May revision of the budget punting the concept until next year.

Bill Zimmerman, who managed the campaign for Prop. 36 and serves on the Statewide Advisory Group supervising implementation, said, "TheDavis administration hatched a flawed plan for realignment and then failed to admit its own mistakes. That caused the whole package to be delayed.

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Proposed Bill Would Allow Drug Czar to Spend Taxpayer Dollars on Partisan Ads

In a First, White House Could Fight Local Reform Efforts and Candidates With Public Funds
House Committee Likely to Vote This Week

A House Subcommittee approved legislation last week that contains a provision allowing the White House to spend taxpayer money on television ads to influence voters to reject drug policy reforms. If enacted, the White House could launch an unprecedented advertising campaign to influence voters with their own money, including running government-sponsored ads against state and local voter-led ballot measures.

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Largest Ever Federally-Funded Study of Student Drug Testing Shows It Does Not Deter Drug Use Among Teens

Local School Districts Urged to Say No to Spending Precious Education Dollars on Useless Programs
Parents Organizing Against Drug Testing in their Children

Flying in the face of last year's Supreme Court decision allowing drug testing of students who participate in extra-curricular activities, the largest nationwide study of student drug testing recently found no difference in drug use rates between students of schools that have drug testing programs and those that do not.

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