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New York Mothers of Prisoners to Meet with Governor Gary Johnson in New Mexico

Seven Day Trip to Target War on Drugs for Excessive Prison Sentences and Racial Profiling

On Tuesday, July 17, 2001, the leadership of New York's "Mothers of the Disappeared" will meet with Governor Gary Johnson, kicking off their national organizing drive to call attention to America's failed war on drugs and its effects on families and communities. Each of the women involved has a child who has been imprisoned under New York State's Rockefeller drug laws.

Randy Credico at 212 924 6980 or Tony Newman at 510-208-7711

90 Day Minimum Mandatory Sentence Proposed for Ecstasy Users

CA Legislature to Hear Bills Creating Stiffer Penalties for Ecstasy

This afternoon, Tuesday, January 15, the Public Safety Committees in both the Senate and Assembly will hear two bills that threaten to increase the penalties for Ecstasy (or MDMA, Ecstasy's chemical name). The committees will then decide whether or not to pass the bills on to each house of the legislature for a vote.

Tony Newman at 510-208-7711, ext. 1 or Julie Ruckle at 415-921-4987

New Ad Campaign in New York's Latino Communities Urges Governor Pataki to Keep His Promise to

Campaign in Top Spanish T.V. and Radio Outlets
94% of Drug Offenders in NY Prisons Are Latino or Black,

As the deadline for reform of the Rockefeller drug laws for 2001 approaches, a major Spanish-speaking television, radio and print advertising campaign was launched today in popular media outlets around New York. The campaign targets Governor George Pataki, demanding that he keep his promise of meaningful reform of these laws, which are among the harshest mandatory minimum drug laws in the nation.

Though they make up just 15% of New York's overall population, Latinos account for 43.8% of drug law violators incarcerated in the state.

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Prop. 36 Advocates to Educate Californians About Treatment During National Alcohol & Drug Addiction Recovery Month

Experts Say Range of Treatment Options Must Be Offered;
Hundreds of Non-Violent Offenders Already Placed in

This September marks the 13th annual National Alcohol & Drug Addiction Recovery Month, an initiative of the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment. For California, this means taking a close look at Proposition 36 - the state's new law that allows for drug treatment instead of jail for non-violent offenders.

Already hundreds of people have been diverted into drug treatment around the state, including the high-profile case of Robert Downey, Jr. -- since Prop. 36 went in to effect on July 1. Now, supporters of Prop.

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Ferrer, Rivera, Aubry and NYC Latino Coalition Urge Governor Pataki to Keep His Promise to

Major Bilingual Television and Print Ad Campaign Launched in Top Spanish Media Outlets and New York

Bronx Borough President Fernando Ferrer joins New York State Assemblymen Peter Rivera and Jeffrion Aubry and Latino Health and Justice Coalition leaders to call on Governor George Pataki to support the New York State Assembly's plan for Rockefeller Drug Law Reform this year during the planned upcoming special legislative session.

"The time for major reform is now," said Ferrer. "New York voters are ready for Governor Pataki to deliver on the promise he made almost a year ago.

Brian Krapf, Hispanic Federation at 212- 608-0333 or Tony Newman at 510-208-7711 x 1383

Senate Confirms Controversial 'Drug Czar', Despite Widespread Opposition

National Drug Policy Experts Available for Comment

Despite opposition from a majority of Congressional Black Caucus Members, the Betty Ford Center, and a range of civil rights and public health groups, the Senate confirmed by voice vote last night President Bush's controversial 'drug czar' nominee, John Walters. While Walters' critics remain concerned by many of his views, they note that he has seemed to back away from some of his most troubling positions.

"Walters needs to focus on prevention that works and maintain his new found commitment to drug treatment.

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Bush Increases Money for Old Drug Control Strategies, Despite Repeated Failures

Link Between War on Terrorism and War on Drugs Misleading, Experts Say

At a press conference today, President George W. Bush and new "Drug Czar" John Walters announced the reauthorization of the Drug-Free Community Support Program. This is despite the fact that billions of dollars have already been spent on this and other federal drug control programs, and drugs are cheaper, purer and more readily available than ever before.

"We need to stop wasting money on failed strategies," said Ethan Nadelmann, Executive Director of The Lindesmith Center - Drug Policy Foundation, a national drug policy reform organization.

Tony Newman at 510-208-7711 x 1383 or Shayna Samuels at 212-547-6916

Nation's Leading Drug Policy Reform Organization Launches Major Web Campaign Linking Hollywood's Traffic to the Real War on Drugs Debuts as Traffic is Nominated for Five Academy Awards

The Lindesmith Center - Drug Policy Foundation (Lindesmith-DPF), the nation's leading organization working to end the war on drugs, has launched a major web campaign highlighting the links between the hit movie Traffic and the real-life war on drugs. was released on February 13 to coincide with the Academy Award nominations.

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New Report Shows Needle Exchange Programs Save Lives in New York City

HIV Rates Plummeting Among Injection Drug Users

New research released this week confirms that needle exchange programs have dramatically reduced the spread of HIV/AIDS in New York City - saving thousands of lives. In less than a decade, increased availability of sterile syringes has reduced the number of New York City residents acquiring HIV through needle sharing from four to five percent of all injection drug users each year to just one percent.

Syringe sharing by injection drug users reached epidemic proportions in New York City during the 1980s and early '90s.

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San Francisco Forum to Focus on Drugs in the Gay Party Scene

Health and Policy Professionals Reach Out to Party Community at San Francisco Teach-In, Friday September 28

For over 30 years dance parties and clubs have played a central role in the gay, bisexual, lesbian and transgender communities. In recent years gay 'circuit parties', huge weekend-long events that attract thousands of dancers, have evolved into thriving community gatherings. These parties have become big business, raising tens of thousands of dollars for their producers or for gay charities.

Recently circuit parties and dance clubs have come under increased scrutiny by public officials due to associated drug use, including ecstasy.

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