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Just4Teens (DVD)

Drug Policy Alliance

Just4Teens is a great tool to use in classrooms or youth groups to initiate an honest and open conversation with young people about the realities of drugs in their lives. The DVD includes a 15 minute video for youth, a bonus section of five experts for adults, and a 14-page Facilitator’s Guide. The Guide includes discussion questions for use directly after viewing the video, as well as related activities and resources for a more in-depth study of drugs, including alcohol. 

Safety First: The Workshop (DVD)

Drug Policy Alliance

This DVD offers parents an example of how to conduct their own Safety First workshops within their own PTA, community, or family meetings.  The 40-minute DVD includes a brief introduction, a workshop Marsha Rosenbaum conducted in Salt Lake City, and “Let’s Talk,” a previously available video in which a diverse group of teens describe how they came to distrust anti-drug messages prevalent in current drug education efforts.

Ban the Box Talking Points

Talking Points - Removing Barriers to Employment for People with Convictions

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