"The Word Is Out: New Law Protects Overdose Victims and Helpers"

November 29, 2012

Editorial by the Post-Standard in favor of speading the word on 911 Good Samaritan, calling it a "life-saving new law."

Overdose Death Averted; Cop Revives Man Using Atomizer, Suffolk's Tool to Thwart Fatalities

August 2, 2012

New York Newsday article about a Suffolk patrolman who revived a Mastic Beach man who overdosed on heroin -- the first person saved under a pilot program that equips officers with an overdose antidote, police said.

Prohibition Strategy "Fails" and Generates Greater Harm

March 7, 2013
La República

English Translation

U.S. experts stressed that, on marijuana legalization policy, the world is watching Uruguay.

The specialists underscored that the model of prevention that treats marijuana as a crime is not the right way to implement a communication campaign about responsible marijuana consumption.

Roundtables, conferences, debates, seminars: all Uruguayans are called to debate, reflect and make proposals during 90 days about what to do with marijuana.

March 6, 2013
La Red 21

English Translation

“We are, in a way, putting in motion what was agreed upon last week by the OAS, which will be meeting next July in the General Assembly to discuss the issue of drugs in the continent," said the President of the National Drugs Board.

Julio Calzada explained that each Departmental Drug Board in the 19 departments (states) will convene to discuss the feasibility of carrying out the plans devised by the government on the subject, for which the participation of international experts was invited.

Senator Mark Leno proposes to make drug possession a 'wobbler'

February 27, 2013

DPA worked directly with Senator Mark Leno's office on a bill that would go a long way toward solving California's mass incarceration crisis. By allowing judges to sentence drug possession as a misdemeanor, defendants can avoid long prison terms and the life-long collateral consequences that follow a felony conviction. 

Circumstances of witnessed drug overdose in New York City: implications for intervention

January 26, 2005

This is a published research paper stating that police response has been observed to be the most commonly cited reason for not calling, or delaying before calling EMS, for help in response to a drug overdose.

Calzada: Discussing Free Cannabis

February 14, 2013
El Pais

English Translation

The secretary general of the Junta Nacional de Drogas of Uruguay, Julio Calzada, thinks that the suggestion by the president of the Supreme Court of Justice (SCJ), Jorge Ruibal Pino, to offer free marijuana to registered consumers that voluntarily agree to medical controls “can be debated.”

Uruguay Recommends Eating or Inhaling Marijuana

February 14, 2013

English Translation

Campaign seeks to raise awareness on the harms of the drug

Uruguay will ask marijuana consumers to eat or inhale the substance instead of smoking it in order to at least reduce the harms that it causes and to foment responsible use of drugs.

This is How the Government's Drug Statute Would Fit in with FARC Proposals

February 5, 2013
La Silla Vacia

English Translation

Less than fifteen days after the FARC revealed its proposal on drugs, La Silla has seen the most recent draft of the National Drug Statute that the government is planning on presenting to Congress in March. The two documents fit together perfectly.

The Government is Abiding by the Constitutional Court Ruling to Establish a Minimum Dose of Synthetic Drugs

January 31, 2013
From the Colombian Government's Press Page

English Translation

Cartagena, January 31 – The President of the Republic, Juan Manuel Santos said on Thursday that the proposal to decriminalize low doses of synthetic drugs was made pursuant to a mandate of the Constitutional Court. “All that the government is doing is regulating something that is an order of the Constitutional Court,” said Santos. He made this statement in Cartagena during the launch of the Comprehensive Security Plan for the Bolivar department.

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