Mujica Halts His Own Plan to Legalize Marijuana in Uruguay

December 19, 2012
BBC Mundo

English Translation

The marijuana legalization project in Uruguay took a big hit.

The Uruguayan president, Jose Mujica, said on Tuesday that he asked legislators from his party to “halt” the process to legalize the sale and buying of marijuana and which would make the state the sole manager of the drug.

In statements to Canal 10 television in Uruguay, Mujica affirmed his wish to soften the development of this project until the population understands the intent of the measure.

Please Think of the Children, and Legalize Marijuana

December 3, 2012
Amanda Reiman

Zero tolerance drug policies in high schools, undercover officers soliciting marijuana from teens, and sanctions involving the removal of support for education and employment are forcing young people into a hopeless maze of stigma, poverty and the criminal justice system.

The UN General Assembly Approves Resolution Presented by Mexico on International Cooperation Against Drugs

November 27, 2012
from the Mexican Foreign Ministry's Press Page:

English Translation

  • The resolution incorporates the proposal from the President of Mexico to hold a UN General Assembly Special Session on drugs
  • It was co-sponsored by 95 countries including various countries in Latin America and the Caribbean and in the European Union, as well as Japan, China, Australia, and the United States

The Foreign Ministry is pleased to inform that the 67 UN General Assembly unanimously adopted the resolution presented by Mexico on international cooperation on the global problem of drugs.

California Votes to Reform Draconian "Three Strikes" Mandatory Minimum Law

November 7, 2012
Lynne Lyman

Californians voted to put an end to one of the harshest and least effective sentencing laws in the country. Proposition 36 ensures that no more people are sentenced to life in prison for minor and nonviolent drug law violations. Implementation of the new law will not only bring relief to petty offenders moving forward, but inmates currently serving life sentences for non-serious, non-violent crimes can apply for a new sentence.

Uruguayan marijuana consumers will be able to buy 40 grams a month from the state

November 5, 2012
el Nuevo Herald

English Translation

Montevideo- -- The Uruguayan government will sell 40 grams of marijuana a month for around $35 to each of the consumers officially registered, if the bill is approved which puts the production and sale into the hands of the state, said official sources today.

The director of the National Drug Board, Julio Calzada, told Radio Carve that the price will be the same as the price of marijuana currently in the black market and the drugs that the Uruguayan state will produce and sell will “have strict quality control”.

The Karma of Drug Trafficking

March 24, 2012
El Espectador, Colombia

English Translation

Drug extravagance atrophies taste. The excesses of the capos were something out of a fable: they built swimming pools with sharks, adorned their mansions with Piassos, sent for giraffes and hippos from Africa, erected a statue for John Lennon, and offered to pay foreign debt.

Where Are the Bad Guys? Crackdown on Medical Pot Attacks the Sick and Working

August 15, 2012

The feds claim that the only victims in their crackdown on medical cannabis dispensaries are profiteering drug peddlers out to make money off of marijuana-hungry citizens -- but that's far from the truth.

Incrimination Without Representation: The Silence of the Senate on Medical Marijuana

September 4, 2012

It is simply unacceptable to stand on the sidelines while unelected prosecutors put patients at risk, destroy jobs, undermine California's tax base, and hand large parts of the medical marijuana market back over to violent drug traffickers and crime syndicates.

The consumption centers will not solve all problems

September 6, 2012
By Juan Camilo Maldonado T.

English Translation

International experts support Mayor Gustavo Petro’s proposal on “controlled consumption centers”. They recommend working together with health and police authorities.

Uruguay Marijuana Legalization Proposal

August 9, 2012
Summary and translation provided by Hannah Hetzer, DPA Latin America Project Coordinator

Key Points of Marijuana Legalization Proposal

  • The intention of the proposal is to regulate the cannabis market in order to reduce the risks faced by marijuana users – which constitute the major of drug users in Uruguay – when they turn to illegal markets to obtain marijuana. This connects them with criminal organizations and individuals who additionally offer access to higher-risk drugs, such as coca paste. The aim is to separate the two markets.
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