If Marijuana Is Legal, Will Addiction Rise?

The New York Times

Antidrug activists say that if the drug is legalized, more people will use it and addiction levels, made worse by the increased potency, will rise too. Legalization advocates note that pot addiction is not nearly as destructive as, say, abuse of alcohol. What would be the effect of legalization or decriminalization on marijuana abuse and addiction?

Blowing Smoke: Why random drug testing doesn't reduce student drug use.

March 21, 2006
Ryan Grim

This 2006 Slate article discusses the lack of evidence to support random student drug testing, and the White House’s push for widespread use of the program.

A Frank Mother-Son Conversation on Drugs

January 13, 2007
Marsha Rosenbaum and John Irwin

One mother shares the advice she offered her son on drugs before he entered high school. Eight years later, as a college graduate, he tells how successful the advice was. 

More Effective and Humane Youth Policy Starts by Treating Youth with Respect

October 29, 2007
Rodney Skager, PhD

In this paper written for The Hamilton Fish Institute’s 2007 National Conference on Safe Schools, Rodney Skager argues that it is time to abandon infantilization policies and zero tolerance ideology in the treatment of youth. He outlines an approach to drug education that promotes mutually respectful interaction between young people and the adults who deliver it. 

Expanded access to naloxone: options for critical response to the epidemic of opioid overdose mortality.

January 15, 2009
Daniel Kim, MPH, Kevin S. Irwin, MA and Kaveh Khoshnood, PhD
March 2009, Vol 99, No. 3 | American Journal of Public Health 402-407

For more than three decades, naloxone has been used by emergency medical personnel to reverse overdoses. However, friends or family members are most often the actual first responders and are best positioned to intervene within an hour of the onset of overdose symptoms. Current evidence supports the extensive scaleup of access to naloxone. This article presents advantages and limitations associated with a range of possible policy and program responses.

One Year Later: Heath Ledger's Tragic Overdose Death Reminds Us More Must Be Done

January 22, 2009
Skelton, Isaac and Ralston, Meghan

The one-year anniversary of Heath Ledger's tragic overdose death serves as a reminder that more must be done to combat America's overdose crisis.

Preventing Drug Overdose, Saving Lives

June 11, 2009
Harris, Jill

DPA Managing Director of Public Policy, Jill Harris, explains the realities of our country's overdose crisis.

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