How does your state measure up when it comes to establishing policies that reduce the harms of both drug use and drug prohibition?

Harm Reduction

Does the state permit access to clean syringes for people who inject drugs?

  • YES

Does the state have naloxone training & distribution programs available to the public at syringe exchange programs or other facilities?

  • NO

Does the state have a 911 Good Samaritan law?

  • NO

Does the state have legal methadone access?

  • YES


Are marijuana possession and use legal for medical purposes?

  • NO

What are the criminal penalties for marijuana possession?

Criminal Justice

How many people are arrested for a drug offense each year? 

  • 23,848

What are the racial disparities in arrest rates?

  • Total population (2011): 86.8% white, 10.2% black.
    Drug arrests (2011): 70.4% white, 29.3% black.

What happens to people’s voting rights when they become part of the criminal justice system?

  • Voting rights restored after term of incarceration.

Indiana's Republican Governor, Mike Pence, Expresses Support for Syringe Service Programs to Combat Spread of HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C

Announcement Comes as Kentucky’s Republican Governor Signs Bill Approving Syringe Service Programs

Federal Funding Ban on Syringe Services Continues to Hamper Local Efforts to Address Heroin Use and Reduce HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C

Indiana’s Republican Governor, Mike Pence, said on Wednesday he would consider implementing a syringe service program to help combat escalating HIV infection rates in Scott County, Indiana. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently determined that HIV infection rates have soared in Scott County on account of the sharing of syringes used for the injection of heroin and other drugs. Governor Pence expressed support for syringe service programs as part of a heroin emergency plan that he is expected to announce today.


Tommy McDonald (510-338-8827)
Bill Piper (202-669-6430)

Testimony of Tamar Todd: Hearing on Indiana Senate Bill No. 192

February 15, 2011

Testimony of Tamar Todd, Staff Attorney, Drug Policy Alliance, Office of Legal Affairs at the Hearing on Indiana Senate Bill No. 192 (To require the criminal law and sentencing policy study committee to study issues relating to marijuana.)

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