A Public Letter to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon

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Institutional affiliations and titles are included solely for identification purposes and should not be understood as indicating the respective organization's agreement with the content of this letter.

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Lars Fynbo - Post-doctoral researcher, Department of Sociology, University of Copenhagen - Denmark, Europe
Kim Bloomfield - rofessor, Department of Psychology and Behavioural Sciences, Centre for Alcohol and Drug Research, København - Denmark, Europe
Uffe Elbaek - Former Minister of Culture, Denmark; Co-Founder and Leader, The Alternative - Denmark, Europe
Bernt Johan Collet - Former Minister of Defence, Denmark; Founder, Center for Political Studies - Denmark, Europe
Pia Olsen Dyhr - Leader, SF Party; Member of Parliament - Denmark, Europe
Pernille Skipper - Member of Parliament - Denmark, Europe
Joachim B. Olsen - Member, Danish Parliament; 2004 Olympic silver medalist - Denmark, Europe
Nanna W. Gotfredsen - Executive Director, The Street Lawyers - Denmark, Europe
Knud Foldschack - Attorney - Denmark, Europe
Ivan Christensen - Manager, Mændenes Hjem, Copenhagen's Harm Reduction Services - Denmark, Europe
Peter Ege - Former Medical Director, Drug Treatment System of Copenhagen; Public Health Officer - Denmark, Europe
Klaus Legau - CEO, AIDS-Fondet - Denmark, Europe
Ninna Thomsen - Mayor of Health and Care, Copenhagen - Denmark, Europe
Lars Christensen - International Economist; Owner and CEO, Markets & Money Advisory; Senior Fellow, Adam Smith Institute - Denmark, Europe
Lars Seier Christensen - CEO and Founder, Seier Capital - Denmark, Europe
RaskePenge - Recording Artist; Journalist; Author - Denmark, Europe
Peter Kurrild-Klitgaard - Professor of Political Theory and Comparative Politics, Department of Political Science, University of Copenhagen - Denmark, Europe
Flemming Balvig - Professor Emeritus, Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen - Denmark, Europe
Jørgen Kjær - BrugerForeningen, Danish Drug User’s Union, Copenhagen - Denmark, Europe
Arne Kristensen - Executive Director, Viva – Together for Children - Denmark, Europe
Heidi Uldahl - Chairman, PårørendeNetværket AntiStigma, The Network of Relatives of People Who Use Drugs - Denmark, Europe
Anja P. Bloch - Brugernes Akademi, User’s Academy, Copenhagen - Denmark, Europe
Martin Ågerup - President, Center for Political Studies - Denmark, Europe
Niels Westy - Economist; International commentator at “Børsen”, Newspaper - Denmark, Europe