Zacchaeus Stanton

Policy Associate

Zacchaeus Stanton is a policy associate with the New York Policy Office of the Drug Policy Alliance. As policy associate, Zacchaeus is working to support forward-thinking policies that will end marijuana prohibition in New York State and address the harms caused by the failed drug war. 

Still deeply attached to his Texas roots, Zacchaeus is an alumnus of Columbia University where his undergraduate research examined the effects of the drug war on youth and hip hop culture in the Gulf Coast region and aimed to advance harm reduction efforts relating to recreational prescription cough syrup use.

Prior to joining DPA, Zacchaeus worked with the Columbia University Institute for Research in African-American Studies, the ACLU Racial Justice Program, Columbia Students Against Mass Incarceration, and the Columbia Center for Justice. He is currently a Beyond the Bars Community Fellow, and is an advocate for black lives, safe use, restorative justice, and community education.

New York