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Drugs & Stuff: The Drug Policy Alliance's Podcast

Derek Rosenfeld

We’re launching a podcast today!

Click here to listen to our introduction episode.

I’m really excited about this. Our main host will be our multimedia director, Tommy McDonald, who’s based in Oakland, CA. He has been on DPA’s media team for 12 years, and worked in journalism and radio before coming to DPA. I’ll also be joining him from New York most of the time – I've been the voice behind DPA's social media for seven years and I'm looking forward to using my actual voice now!

This is the Drug Policy Alliance’s newest outlet for bringing you our take on the issues. DPA’s blog has been a go-to source for our public education efforts and responding to what’s in the news. Now, we want this podcast to bring you conversations around drugs, drug policy, and all the issues it intersects with in a down to earth way.

As Tommy says in the introduction, “What we want to do with this program is entertain, educate and enlighten you. Often times we know drug policy reform can be a little stuffy – it’s the domain of policy folks and legal types and scientists, which is exactly the domain in which it should lie, but what we want to do is present that information and the access that DPA has to some of the world-renowned experts in this field.”

So subscribe from any app you already use to get your podcasts from, follow us on Twitter at @drugsnstuffDPA, and stay tuned for more to come!

Derek Rosenfeld is the manager of social media and media relations for the Drug Policy Alliance.

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