Challenging Punishment: Race, the People's Health and the War on Drugs

New York, NY

Columbia University’s Institute for Research in African American Studies (IRAAS) is presenting its annual academic conference, this year on the subject of the War on Drugs declared by President Richard Nixon in 1971 and now entering its fifth decade. This two-day conference, entitled Challenging Punishment: Race, the People’s Health and the War on Drugs will feature scholars and researchers; health and legal workers; activists and advocates; artists and cultural producers from across the U.S. who will discuss this topic and its relevant issues in a free public forum. The conference organizer is IRAAS Core Faculty member Samuel K. Roberts, PhD, Associate Professor of History and Sociomedical Sciences.

Topics will include: mass incarceration and the “New Jim Crow”; criminal, family, and juvenile justice policy; the intersectionality of race, class, gender, sexuality, and citizenship in an era of a War on Drugs and mass incarceration; defending and augmenting public health; alternatives to incarceration; licit drugs and the pharmaceutical industry; race and criminal justice; and harm reductive strategies, among others.

Conference schedule and free online registration may be found at http://www.iraas.org/node/324.

The Institute for Research in African-American Studies of Columbia University (IRAAS; http://www.iraas.org/), founded in July 1993 by Dr. Manning Marable, is an academic resource center. The purposes and activities of the Institute are grounded within the best scholarship of the black intellectual tradition. Towards that end, IRAAS administers the Undergraduate and Master's degree programs in African-American Studies at Columbia University and regularly sponsors academic conferences, lectures and forums on a wide variety of topics.

October 4, 9am to 9pm
Columbia University Low Library Rotunda, Columbia University.
535 West 116th Street (at 116th Street and Broadway)
(7pm Plenary at Riverside Church)

Twitter: @Challenging13