Other Funding Sources

The Fund for Drug Policy Reform

The Drug Policy Alliance Advocacy Grants Program, administered by the Tides Foundation from 2001-2004, will now be administered by the Drug Policy Alliance as the Advocacy Grants Program.

Approximately $1.4 million has been secured to support the Advocacy Grants Program in 2005. Please note that funds available in 2005 are significantly less than in past years. As a result, there have been changes to the fund's guidelines. Please consult our Fund for Drug Policy Reform webpage for more information.

Other Grant and Fellowship Programs

(Information about the following grant programs are provided as a service, and are neither endorsed nor administered by Drug Policy Alliance)

The Colin Higgins Foundation
The foundation awards grants ranging from $5,000 to $15,000 to groups with project budgets under $500,000 and overall budgets of less than $2 million. AIDS education, prevention, and advocacy, including needle-exchange programs and harm-reduction strategies are included in its grantmaking priorities. For more information, see the foundation website or contact Leslie Payne, Colin Higgins Foundation, P.O. Box 29903, San Francisco, CA 94129; 415-561-6350; e-mail: info@colinhiggins.org.

Human Rights Watch & American Civil Liberties Union Foundation Aryeh Neier Fellowship
The American Civil Liberties Union Foundation and Human Rights Watch invite applications for their newly created Aryeh Neier Fellowship. The fellow will work with both organizations on joint initiatives to strengthen respect for human rights in the United States. Work is likely to include field research in the United States, preparation of reports, advocacy, and development of litigation strategies. HRW and the ACLU created the fellowship to honor the legacy of Aryeh Neier. As executive director of the ACLU and then of HRW, Aryeh Neier helped develop both organizations into powerful forces for justice and human rights.

Marijuana Policy Project
Information about applying for funding for marijuana-related projects can be obtained from the MPP Web site.

National Institute on Drug Abuse
NIDA's web site contains Program Announcements and RFAs for hundreds of grants.

The National Institutes of Health
NIH provide Requests for Applications (RFAs), guidelines, etc. for NIH grants.

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's Scholars in Health Policy Research Program
The Foundation's Scholars in Health Policy Research Program provides postdoctoral training targeted to the most promising graduates of programs in the disciplines of economics, political science, and sociology to advance their involvement in health policy research.

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's Substance Abuse Policy Research Program
The application deadline for Round X is August 23, 2005. This program is designed to encourage experts in public health, law, political science, medicine, sociology, criminal justice, economics, psychology and other behavioral and policy sciences to address issues related to substance abuse. This is a Special Solicitation focusing on research topics considered important and timely for public policy decision-making, but which are not typically addressed to substance abuse research.

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's Developing Leadership in Reducing Substance Abuse Fellows in Leadership Program
Through an intensive three-year mentoring experience, the program links emerging leaders with the field’s current nationally recognized leaders. The mentorships are designed for fellows to remain in their current positions, and are intended to offer participants the experiences, insights, competencies, and skills necessary to achieve or advance in a leadership position.

Soros Justice Fellowships
The Soros Justice Fellowships embody the commitment of the Open Society Institute’s U.S. Justice Fund to national criminal justice reform. The U.S. Justice Fund’s mission is to reduce excessive incarceration and its consequences, promote fair and equal treatment in all phases of the United States criminal justice system, redirect public focus and resources away from punishment towards long-term investment in individuals and communities, and encourage the successful reentry and reintegration of former prisoners through policies that foster public safety, respect human and civil rights, and promote responsible citizenship.

Syringe Access Fund
A collaboration of the Levi Strauss Foundation, Tides Foundation and the National AIDS Fund created to support the prevention of HIV/AIDS, hepatitis C and other blood-borne diseases through increased access to sterile syringes in five states (California, Florida, New Jersey, New York, and Texas) and the District of Columbia. Please send an email to syringeaccess@levi.com for more information.

The W. Glen Boyd Charitable Foundation Funding for Programs that Help At-Risk Women, Children
The W. Glen Boyd Charitable Foundation awards grants to grassroots organizations and nonprofits in Florida,
Minnesota, and Oregon that focus on empowering women and children. For information, contact Diana Dokos, program director, W. Glen Boyd Charitable Foundation, P.O. Box 6630, Minneapolis, MN 55406-0630; 651-646-1300; e-mail: ddokos@wgbcf.org.