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Welcome to Drugs & Stuff – DPA's podcast about drugs, harm reduction, mass criminalization, the drug war, and other stuff.

We bring in a wide variety of experts – from scientists to activists, writers to teachers – to hear about how drugs and drug policy play a role in their work and lives.

We also offer a peek behind the scenes as we feature DPA staff talking about the work they do.

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DPA Podcast Episode 34: Six Months Later, Safety First Drug Education Continues to Evolve

When the Drug Policy Alliance publicly released our harm reduction-based drug education curriculum Safety First in October, the world was a different place. In the months since, it’s evolved into an even more… Read More

DPA Podcast Episode 33: “Puff or Pass”: Can The Simpsons Really School Us on Cannabis?

We’ve all been there: you’re watching TV or a movie, playing a video game or listening to some music, when drugs enter the storyline. This can go well -- and it can also go really badly. On this episode, we’re… Read More

DPA Podcast Episode 32: The Insidious Impact of COVID-19 on Immigration

Immigrant detention centers are bleak places in the best of times, but during a pandemic they are absolutely dangerous. And yet U.S. immigration enforcement has carried on as COVID-19 continues to spread,… Read More

DPA Podcast Episode 31: What Does DPA Do During a Pandemic?

On previous episodes, we’ve talked about the impact of COVID-19 in the context of public health and incarceration. But, as an organization, how has Drug Policy Alliance been affected? What about our work has… Read More

DPA Podcast Episode 30: Why Decarceration Matters Now, and Why it Always Has

Of the first seven people who died of COVID-19 in federal prison, five of them were there for drug offenses. In this moment, the inhumanity and disastrous health consequences of our prisons and jails are clearer… Read More

DPA Podcast Episode 29: Imprisonment and Public Health in the Age of COVID-19: DPA's Mary Sylla Explains the Risks

In her previous work as a civil rights attorney during the HIV/AIDS epidemic, DPA Senior Staff Attorney Mary Sylla saw firsthand the lack of adequate healthcare available to people who are incarcerated. To better… Read More

DPA Podcast Episode 28: Joe Rubin Taught Safety First in His Health Classes: Here’s What He Thought

Joe Rubin is a public school teacher in San Francisco, and health is his favorite subject. In his 36 years of experience, he’s never taught anything quite like DPA’s Safety First drug education… Read More

DPA Podcast Episode 27: Safety First: Drug Education 101 with Sasha Simon

The Drug Policy Alliance has spent years developing a completely new take on drug education: a curriculum based in harm reduction and science, not a fear-based abstinence-only approach. It’s called … Read More

DPA Podcast Episode 26: Local Advocates Stephanie Regagnon & Chad Sabora Welcome the Reform Conference to St. Louis

DPA’s biennial International Drug Policy Reform Conference takes place in St. Louis, Missouri this November 6-9. Our own Ifetayo Harvey sat down with Stephanie Regagnon, founder of Ava’s Grace Scholarship… Read More

DPA Podcast Episode 25: Ben Westhoff's Journey into Fentanyl Production and Harm Reduction

Over the last few years, we’ve seen huge increases in opioid overdose deaths, and many of them can be traced to powerful synthetic opioids like fentanyl. Drugs & Stuff is back with journalist Ben Westhoff,… Read More